Custom Suspension Lowering is another service we offer, sometimes in conjunction with revalving. Dirt bikes can be lowered about two inches.
Swingarm and Linkage Service should be performed on dirt bikes at least once a season if the bike is used regularly. This service consists of removing the shock, the linkage assembly, and the swingarm if necessary, and lubricating the needle bearings with grease and cleaning the seals and inspecting for wear and damage. 
 We will repair, refurb, setup or modify your shock absorbers, Over a hundred springs in stock. Fork setup and revalving service for Trials, Motorcross or any other off road bike our speciality with many famous names using our service. We are dedicated to our job with quality and attention to detail guaranteed.
A regularly serviced swingarm and linkage assembly can last several seasons, even when ridden in extreme conditions. When left un-serviced, handling and suspension problems often develop due to either play in bearings or frozen links, swingarms, and axles.