Lowering the ride height

The consequences of a fall over for example during waiting at the traffic lights can be disastrous. The bikes´ coating is scratched, the handlebar is damaged, the clutch is bent, the mirror is broken and the exhaust is dented. Left aside the injuries you might suffer. The repair costs quickly amount to more than 1000,- Euro. An unnecessary and unwelcome expenditure! Enjoy more security and more self-consciousness through the flexible ride height adjustment kit from Promoto. For only £88 you really get your bike back into grip and your feet, in the truest sense of the word, back on the ground. Available for many motorcycle models! Using Promoto you might now lower a massive sport- or touring bike with simple means to a short-leg compatible version at a reasonable price. To this the bottom steering of the shock absorber, through the help of two triangles or of two push rods fabricated of special surface coated steel, must be altered. Which of the both versions fit best, whether triangle or rod, depend on your bike, however both variants got one thing in common: They are able to reduce the seating height for as much as 65 mm. The reconstruction is easy and provided that you possess some dexterity can be carried out by yourself. A skilled expert or mechanic should have no problem at all. Naturally, a TÜV parts-certificate or even an ABE are included in the delivery.